Epson Ec-01 Driver Download

Printer Driver Download Epson EC-01

Epson EC-01 Printer Driver Download. I convey this Epson EC-01 printer straight from Epson related. Very fast delivery. The printer came inwards the master copy corton, which nevertheless already 1 time was opened. When unpacking together with therefore the adjacent surprise, the carry security devices were missing. H5N1 checklist (return?) Marked inwards 2009 was with. I ship it dorsum forthwith or I endeavour once. OK, I laissez passer on the device a chance. The overall concept convinced me. And amongst a make of almost 8000 pages it is almost 2ct per page, since you lot tin already a footling try. The terms for other printers incl. Cartridges for the same set out of pages is approx. 600 € together with more. So plugged in, installed drivers together with dungeon test. After I together with therefore approx. 10 times the pressure level caput cleaning carried out, everything was inwards order.

Driver Download Epson EC-01 Printer Installer
The impress ikon is 1a. Speed ​​OK. Runs at nowadays over a impress server inwards the network. Installation of the Epson EC-01 driver worked good on the other computers well. Let’s run into how it plant at nowadays inwards practice. So, 4 stars because of the unpacking surprise. Device, concept v stars. Unfortunately the Epson EC-01 printer, which convinced me for ecological reasons, already broken afterwards vi months, I convey printed inwards the fourth dimension max. 150 pages (rather less). Since the nearest service middle is far away, I convey to ship it past times post service now. Very annoying everything, peculiarly since you lot convey to enclose a form, which you lot convey to print, non therefore easy, if the printer is broken!
Epson EC-01 Driver Printer Download
 The printer came inwards the master copy corton Epson EC-01 Driver Download

Printer Driver Epson EC-01 Download
The most annoying matter to me. The Epson EC-O1 is the starting fourth dimension printer e’er to endure integrated into an ecologically oriented recycled organisation amongst deposit, the Epson Eco-Back System. The EC-O1 contains permanently installed ink cartridges amongst a make of upwards to 8,000 pages. Depending on the consumption, this is plenty for a few years. This way for the user: never to a greater extent than cartridge replacement, no accumulated garbage. With the EC-O1, Epson is realizing 1 of the goals formulated inwards the “Umweltvision 2050”: to cash inwards one’s chips on a production from production to its life equally CO2 neutral equally possible.
Driver Printer Download Epson EC-01
Simply, unadorned, only equipped amongst the most necessary together with already on the First glance, the Epson EC-O1 differs from all currently available on the marketplace inkjet printers. But equally good amongst its inner values, the EC-O1 stands out clearly from the co-operation. The EC-O1 is already consistently implementing the ecological concept of the “Umweltvision 2050”. Epson does non purpose ecologically degradable materials together with supplies the printer instead inwards a elementary dark-brown cardboard made of environmental paper. The user manual is printed on recycled paper, piece all other written documents are stored on a CD space-savingly inwards an envelope of unbleached paper.
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