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OKI C941DN Printer Driver Download. This OKI’s C941dn Multimedia color Printer – Pushing the Envelope of motion painting high-best alongside White as well as Clear Toner. OKI_C941dn_&_stuffThe C941dn is a fellow member of OKI data’s C900 Multimedia production Platform serial that contains a make of evolved digital-colour printers that are supposed for ingenious as well as industrial-print applications. These rapid, toner-established printers convey detailed media-throughput capabilities, as well as may command a large type of media sizes as well as types. Most noteworthy is that the C941dn model points 5 setting upward items that facilitate the evolution of full-colour pics that contain spot white color as well as clear overlays.  Thanks to OKI cognition Americas, nosotros had been able to cozy a C941dn exam unit of measurement as well as position it past times the role of its paces.

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It tin impress on media ranging inward size from three” x 5” cards , Com10 Envelopes, as well as on upward to 13” x 52” banner sheets. Media potential that may survive expanded to half-dozen sources alongside a highest capability of 2,950 sheets. Establishing items alongside easy-alternate toner yield upward to 38,000 ISO touchstone telephone substitution documents alongside 5-percentage plain insurance plan. General labor accounting that tin enshroud utilization through consumer championship as well as identification for accounting or cost-once to a greater extent than capabilities. The C931dn as well as C941dn models volition likewise survive prepared alongside an no longer obligatory EFI Fiery XF 5 server for impress experts that depend on EFI photograph processing as well as workflows. The on the whole the greatest C941dn has 5 color constructing models that comprise white as well as clear spot-colour units.
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 Multimedia production Platform serial that contains a make of evolved digital OKI C941DN Driver Download

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And at that topographic point are few if whatsoever printers on paw that tin exercise what the OKI C941dn tin exercise alongside its on-board white as well as clear spot-colour models. Moreover, it should well-nigh probable alongside repose larn by a nearly unique variety of media sizes, weights, as well as forms of reduce-sheet substrates. It additionally presents the impress high-pleasant, media sources, impress velocity, charge per unit of measurement of operation, as well as entire cost of possession that makes it extremely appealing to industrial photograph artists as well as print-for-pay outlets that desire the potential to rapidly furnish introduce 24-hour interval prints, as well as that furnish a value-offered carrier. In addition, stores already supplying evolved printing choices tin role the C9410dn’s capability to impress on coloured inventory using white as well as clear toners to avoid wasting on each printing expenditures as well as the expense of whatsoever vital position up-processing bills for temporary-run impress productions.
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Will ought to yous larn one? The reply is that given the C941dn’s developed capabilities, each impress boutique, picture-design studio, or production-printing facility volition convey to possess at to the lowest degree one. Preserve inward take away heed that non similar well-nigh oftentimes whatsoever aggressive production alongside these developed capabilities, this versatile digital color printer is fast as well as on your cost diversity plentiful that it is ordinarily used for each dissimilar long-established house of labor-printing chore every bit good. The C911dn may fifty-fifty survive bought at OKI knowledge’s site for $three,699. Contact your neighborhood OKI expertise seller for pricing on the C931dn as well as the C941dn alongside its 5 establishing units. OKI information states that the ISO color charge per unit of measurement per page is an economical $zero.0756.
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